Private online courses


We are modernizing our offer by proposing online course formulas with personalized programs depending on the availabilities and preferences of each student.

The general French class online is proposed from beginner level until higher levels. More specifically, from level A1 to B2 from the CECR. You can access the platform 24/7. Thanks to this program, you can progress in French at your rhythm. Speaking skills will be practiced at l’Alliance Française or through virtual classes depending on your wishes.

Why choose this program?

Online you learn at your pace

You realize interactive activities

You are guided by a tutor during the program

You practice speaking skills at l’Alliance Française or in a virtual classe

You can organize flexible meetings

The online course


The course is divided into 6 units. The training will start with unit 0 that allows the student to familiarize with the training environment. The 5 following units will have a similar structure. They are based on a communicative approach of the language. You will learn and practice by facing real life situations through diverse activities and situations.


The tutors of the Alliance Française de La Haye are qualified and entitled to teach French to an adult audience. Their objective is to make sure that their students will be successfully learning the language. For this, they are attentive to the needs and pace of the students. They will answer the educational, practical and technical questions of the students. Furthermore, they will correct the work of the students, lead speaking sessions et evaluate them.


The virtual class is a video conference tool used for the training. The student will be able to interact in real time with the tutor wherever the student may be. The tutor will answer to the fixed educational goals and to the requirements of the student, while using all the tools available to interact in real time and on the shared board.

Our commitments

To guarantee your success, the Alliance Française commits herself to:

Respect your availabilities

Offer a maximum of flexibility

Be attentive to your needs and remarks

woman93Be reactive

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