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In 1883, the Alliance Française was created in Paris under the direction of Paul Cambon and Pierre Foncin, with the help of key persons such as Jules Verne, Louis Pasteur, Ferdinand de Lesseps, Armand Colin and Jules Renan.
Today the Alliance Française is considered to be the number one cultural network worldwide, with locations in 1040 cities in 136 countries and can be found on all five continents. Every year, more than 450,000 people of all ages learn French within the Alliance Française, and over 6 million people take part in at least one of their cultural activities.
The coordination of this network falls under the Alliance Française Foundation.

The Alliance Française de La Haye is specialized in teaching French to non-French speaking students. The Alliance Française de La Haye also participates to the organization of cultural events in The Hague and its surroundings. Our organization is a non-profit association.

In the last 20 years, several private companies, Dutch governmental institutions and international organizations have renewed their confidence to teach French to their employees and form them to the French culture. Each year, we will welcome around 900 students (1200 registrations) that will benefit from our expertise in the teaching of French language.

What is an Alliance Française?

The Alliance Française is a non-profit organization which adheres to local rights, and it fulfills its mission in an autonomous way. This means that the organization is free from any engagements that are politically or religiously inclined.

All the Alliances Françaises share three essential missions that they want to accomplish:

To offer French courses in France and the rest of the world geared towards all audiences

To give better exposure of the French and francophone culture

To promote cultural diversity


our values

The Alliances Françaises share common values which constitute the force and vitality of the network and they all support these actions:

Respect for cultural diversity, passion for exchange and solidarity

Striving for excellence in all entrepreneurial activities


Associative values

Modernism and innovation

Our team


the Board

Richard Schreurs


Jan Lintsen




Iris Henny

Michèle van Velzen

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