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Dutch Course


Living in The Netherlands is possible without speaking Dutch. However, speaking Dutch would improve your chances to find a job, succeed in administrative procedures, pass your driving licence and visit more remoted areas in The Netherlands…

The Dutch classes at Alliance Française de La Haye are especially adapted to French-speaking persons having none or a little knowledge of Dutch. The classes are taught by native French speakers and French-speaking tutors.

All the skills are practiced: reading, listening, speaking and writing. A special focus will be on the grammar, pronunciation and intonation, culture and reflexion. You will learn how to present yourself, ask questions and give informations about yourself. You will also learn how to count, speak about a meal in a restaurant, shopping, etc.


Business English course


It is essential to master English in The Netherlands, especially within a professional environment. Alliance Française de La Haye has a special course that will answer your special needs for this environment.

The course offers a practical approach of the language and focuses on situations that can be encountered on a daily basis within a professional environment. You will find tools that will allow you to reach you professional goals while developing your English skills. We will bring you the necessary competences to communicate efficiently and self-assuredly in the international business language.