Lucky Luke – cowboy in Netherlands! │ Meet the cartoonist Achdé in The Hague

Are you a Fan of Lucky Luke? We present a unique opportunity to meet the current creator - Hervé Darmenton (Achdé) ! Achdé will do a live drawing and will be interviewed about his work.

Lucky Luke was conceived by the Belgian Maurice De Bevere under the pseudonym Morris. Two years after his death in 2001, Achdé took over the drawing. Lucky Luke has had many scriptwriters, of which René Goscinny was the best known and most celebrated.

Achdé (1961) grew up in a multicultural neighbourhood in Nîmes. He admires John Ford's films and loves the vast spaces of North America, which he crossed in the 1980s. He discovered Lucky Luke at a very young age (he was 4 years old) and became addicted to the comic strip. It would almost seem as if he was destined to take over Lucky Luke one day.

Everyone knows the lonely cowboy, quietly chewing on a reed while he brings the four Daltons back to prison in their yellow/black shirts after their umpteenth ultimate escape.  Who is faster than his shadow when he waves his gun?  Lucky Luke of course!

If his latest adventures led him to Paris, it's not impossible that the Daltons escape and Jolly Jumper brings our hero to the Netherlands...

Pictures: © Achdé - Lucky Comics 2019


May 18, 2019, 15-17h

Museum of Communication (Zeestraat 82, 2518 AD The Hague)

Admission is free, booking recommended via Eventbrite

Language : French/English

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