When I arrived in The Netherlands, I really wanted to continue to learn French, so after doing in-depth investigations on the internet, I found the site of the Alliance Française de La Haye. I already knew the Alliance Française since there are a lot in the country I am from and I thus decided to register. I started to learn French at school so I was looking for a practical solution to combine classes that take place once per week, which I think is good. I would like to continue studying this language and the date and time proposed by the Alliance Française to study French perfectly correspond to my schedule.

At the Alliance Française, pedagogical improvement pleases me and the tutors are always listening to their student’s needs; moreover, I appreciate the fact that we can communicate with students from all over the world. Several resources are available on Moodle which is a precious learning tool. Why choose the AFLH? The environment is welcoming and the tutors are excellent!