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Francophones children

This course has been conceived for francophone children aged from 4 to 12 years old spaking french daily and who can understand the french language with ease.

They will continue to perfect their mastering of the french language and develope their speaking and reading threw interactive and recreational activities.
Those courses are following the French educational system organization : CP, CE1-CE2 and CM1-CM2.

Registration mid-year is possible, please contact us to receive the updated price list.


Crafting cards, calendars, paper-folding or even bigger projects (writing a story, illustrating a book, doing a report, …). Those activities will allow the kids to use their language skills to realize concrete things and bring sens to their learning.


An adapted pedagogical approach which will allow each children to perfect his skills rengarding the needs linked to his age. Each child will find his fit into the group.


It doesn’t matter which language learning speed has your child, the teacher will make sure to adapt to him/her and also to the pace of the whole group. A wide range of activities will allow the kids to progress threw the year by making them more independent.

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