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Affaires B1



Understanding and processing information Duration (min)

Processing written information

1. Comment on a graph  






2. Interpret comments over qualitative results of a product/service
3. Fill in a project summary sheet/prepare an action plan based on a meeting report

Processing oral information

4. Organise notes from a structured oral speech  


5. Forward the content of a short oral message to a colleague
6. Reply to a specific mail, considering additional information (+/- 90 words)
Interacting on paper 7. Write a motivation letter in response to a vacancy (+/- 140 words) 40’


Verbal interaction Duration (min)
Activity 1 Present the candidates careers for a position and explain your choice to the management Preparation: 20’ Test-taking: 5’
Activity 2 Present benefits/properties of a product to convince a potential customer Test-taking: 5’
Total duration of the exam: 1h50.