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Relations Internationales B1


Understanding and processing information Duration (min)
Processing written information 1. Comment on economic figures, an international theme 30’  



2. Summarise key points of international news
3. Organise a formal event

Processing oral information

4. Communicate the main ideas of a speech 10’
5. Set up a simple confirmation email 40’
Interacting on paper 6. Respond to a vacancy by explaining your motivations for the position


Verbal interaction Duration (min)
Activity 1 Present an assignment, a project and negotiate the details of the assignment  

Preparation: 20’

Test-taking: 5’
Activity 2 Present a country’s situation around a specific topic (education, culture, health, media) and the actions to be taken in this context Test-taking: 5’


Total duration of the exam: 1h50.