The DELF and the DALF are official certificates awarded by the French Ministry of Education, to certify the competency in the French language of candidates from outside of France. In the Netherlands, the Alliance française de La Haye is an official examination center for the organization and the conduction of the DELF/DALF examinations. The DELF and the DALF diplomas can be obtained separately from each other, be submitted in one or more countries and are valid for an indefinite period. The candidates are allowed to register for multiple diplomas during the same session.

The DELF and the DALF consist of six different and independent diplomas that are equivalent to the six levels of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages.

At each level, the 4 following skills are evaluated: listening, speaking, reading comprehension and written production.

A1 DELF A1 basic
A2 DELF A2 basic
B1 DELF B1 independent
B2 DELF B2 independent
C1 DALF C1 proficient
C2 DALF C2 proficient

What are the benefits of these exams?


To be in the possession of an official language certificate.


Measure your progress in French and enhance it.


In order to prove your language skills for professional, personal and educational objectives.


To increase your chances on the labor market (internships, recruitment, promotion, mobility).

When to take the exam?

The next exam session will be held in the week of 9 December 2019.
Deadline of registration: 6 November 2019.

Online registration form available in: Mid-September 2019.

The results will be sent by the middle of February 2020.

9 December 2019 1h20 + oral 5-7min €85

9 December 2019 1h40 + oral 6-8min €85

10 December 2019 1h45 + oral 15min €120

11 December 2019 2h30 + oral 20 min €140

12 December 2019 4h00 + oral 30 min €180

13 December 2019 3h30 + oral 30 min €180

How can I prepare myself for the exam?

Preparation courses for DELF/DALF are organized at the Alliance Française de La Haye in October 2019.

RhythmAmount of hoursPriceDayTimeDate
3h/week 21h €338 (excl. registration fee) Tuesday 18:30-21:30 07/10/2019 – 08/12/2019

RhythmAmount of hoursPriceDayTimeDate
3h/week 21h €338 (excl. registration fee) Monday 18:30-21:30 07/10/2019 – 08/12/2019

Enrolment for the course does not include registration for the DELF/DALF exams.

How to enroll?

s inscrire

Registration form

The payment needs to be paid in full when enrolling for the exam. There will be no refund of the registration fee after enrollment for the exam.

Banking details Alliance Française de La Haye: NL20 INGB 0658 0071 14 (BIC: INGBNL2A), please mention NAME + DELF/DALF.

For more information fill in the contact form below.