Emmapark 6, 2595 ET Den Haag

Our team of passionate teachers offers a variety of fun activities in French, designed to enrich your children’s after-school educational experience.

In our drama workshops, students will learn the basics of acting, develop their confidence and discover the pleasure of trying out to be different characters. They will create captivating stories and experience unforgettable theatrical adventures.

In our early musical education workshops, melodies take flight and rhythms come to life! Your little ones will develop their sense of rhythm, their musical ear and their ability to express themselves through music with other children.

Art also has pride of place at the Alliance Française de La Haye. Our art workshops encourage children and teenagers to give free rein to their creativity. Using a variety of techniques, they can express their emotions, create unique works and develop their knowledge of French-speaking artists.

By taking part in our activities, children and teenagers will practice French in an immersive way while having fun and discovering new passions.



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