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Learning french while having fun !

The Alliance Française de La Haye has specially designed different types of French courses adapted for children.

Supervised by dynamic French teachers specialised in teaching children and grouped according to their age and level, the children take part in a variety of entertaining activities: writing press articles, organising exhibitions, doing manual work, writing poems, singing, etc. They will learn to improve their level of French through reading and listening to fables and stories, as well as through games. The objective of these courses is to discover and/or improve French while having fun.

Beyond the discovery of a foreign language, our children’s courses can also be an opportunity to improve a level of French in order to have sufficient skills to take the official DELF Prim or DELF Junior exams.

Why should you choose the Alliance Française de La Haye ?


It’s when we try that we learn !

Learning a language often go through the use of games. The Alliance Française offer different types of games : cards, dominos, memory, interactive games on the digital touch screen board.


Every classroom is equipped with digital devices bringing an important teaching support supplementing the classical use of book methods.


Native, energetic, certified teachers trained with the latest teaching methods.

Our courses

Francophone FLAM

Is your child speaking french at home? Has he been studying in a french school? Those courses will allow him to broaden their oral and written skills.

Not-Francophone FLE

Your child doesn’t speak french fluently? But is he learning it at school?
Those courses will allow him to acquire solid foundations in french language.

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