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French courses are aligned with CEFR levels: A1, A2, B1, B2, C1 & C2

To know your current level you can do the placement test online. You will be placed in a class of appropriate level and you will progress with confidence.

A1 – Discovery level
This is the most basic level of language use. You will be able to perform simple interactions: you will be able to talk about yourself and your immediate environment. Level A1 is divided into 2 levels.
A2 – Survival level
You will be able to perform simple tasks of everyday life. You will be able to use the most common forms of politeness and exchange to express yourself on its simple topics. Level A2 is divided into 4 levels.
B1 – Threshold level
You will become independent. You will be able to continue an interaction: you will be able to understand and participate actively in a discussion, give your opinion. You will be able to cope in unforeseen situations of everyday life. Level B1 is divided into 6 levels.
B2 – Advanced Level
At the end of level B2, you will have gained a level of independence allowing you to argue to defend your opinion, develop a point of view and negotiate. You will be comfortable in the social discourse and will be able to correct your mistakes yourself. Level B2 is divided into 6 levels.
C1 – Proficient level
You will be able to establish an easy and spontaneous communication. You will have a wide lexical field and you will be able to choose the appropriate expression to present your ideas. You will produce a clear, well-constructed and unhesitating speech that will demonstrate the controlled use of the structures. Level C1 is divided into 6 different courses.

Which level
to choose?

The objective is to perfect and develop students’ linguistic and cultural skills. They are oriented towards the course that corresponds to them after having passed an individual positioning test.

Test your level
Do the placement test to know your French level and choose the class that suits you.
Arjun Krishnan

Electrical ingeneering student, I was learning french for fun and to do something different from my studies in my spare time. Progressively I have developped a strong passion for the language. I started learning french while I spent some time on Maurice Island. I was only learning one language but french also helped me to clearly express myself. I was pretty much an introvert at this time of my life, french gave me the trust to express myself in front of others. Indeed, I then decided to improve my level and pass the DELF exam. The DELF B2 exam was a required skill in order to work at Amazon as we were working on the french catalog and required to communicate with french customers.


At the Alliance Française, the pedagogical progress is fine to me, the teachers are very sensitive; moreover; I appreciate the possibility to be able to communicate with other students all coming from every cordner of the world. Futhermore, the different ressources available on Alliance en ligne are forming a preciouos learning tool. Why did I choose the Alliance Française de La Haye? Excellent teachers and a welcomong environment to study !


Our teachers are French and the communication in class is in french language. We speak french ! My teachers are always there for me when I am encountering any difficulties, more precisely on grammar and pronunciation. It helps me to assimilate more easily the french language. This way, if you would like to learn french , I would strongly advice you to register at the Alliance Française de La Haye.


The school is working with the latest material available which imply working on every skills and on a wide range of subject allowing myself to use the language with swift and efficient results.

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