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Learn french online quickly thanks to our quality methods and ressources

Alliance française de La Haye specializes in teaching French as a foreign language online. Thanks to our “Alliance en ligne” platform, you have access to hundreds of interactive resources, your teachers’ course notes, games, access to an international community of students who are learning French just like you, and much more…


An online course, your journey can be completed in 6 or 12 weeks. Each level is built around a series of practical lessons on different topics, with interactive self-assessment activities. Every week or two, you practice speaking with your teacher.

You complete written and oral assignments in each unit, which are marked by your teacher.

At the end of each unit and level, you can evaluate yourself with quizzes and assessments.

Independent learning

A successful preparation to the DELF/DALF

Progress at your own speed and quickly earn points. Our different training modes will put you into real exam condition to get ready for the D-Day.

A daily lesson by email

Each morning, receive a personnalized chapter with written, audiovisual content.10 minutes only each day (concise, regular, long-lasting efforts).

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