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The present general terms and conditions of sale govern all relations between the Alliance Française de La Haye and its clients/students with regard to registration, unless expressly waived in writing. By placing an order and/or registering, the customer and/or student accepts these general terms and conditions. These conditions apply exclusively from the moment the client and/or student registers.


The student must be at least 18 years old to be registered for a course at the Alliance Française de La Haye. However, a person aged 18 or under may be registered for the course provided that a parent or guardian (the person signing this form) is aware of this:

  • In the event of integration problems or any other problem related to the course and on the advice of the teacher, we reserve the right to cancel this registration. We will then reimburse the balance of the fees received on a pro-rata basis.
  • The standard class in which the teenager is enrolled is for adults, in an environment designed for adults. We therefore disclaim any responsibility other than that of adult students and irrevocably agree to accept these terms and conditions.

All entries are personal and non-transferable.

By validating his registration, the customer confirms his irrevocable commitment to follow or have a student follow the course, subject to the right of cancellation or postponement provided for in Article 5.

For standard lessons, possession of the teaching material is essential.


The Alliance Française de La Haye reserves the right to refuse registration to a course, as well as any renewal, especially in case of inappropriate behaviour by the student in compliance with the “internal rules”.


Withdrawal of a registration for a training course within 14 days of the start of the session will lead to reimbursement of the training costs within 30 working days of receipt of the validly formulated request, less an amount of EUR 50 (fifty) as administrative costs.

Furthermore, the client and/or the learner shall have the right to postpone the training course to which they have validly registered within 6 months from the date of the request for postponement. The postponement is a session postponement according to the calendar defined by the Alliance française de La Haye.

Postponement or reimbursement of the course is authorised provided that the request for postponement or reimbursement of the course is (i) addressed in writing to the Alliance française de La Haye on the form specifically provided for this purpose, (ii) sent by registered mail to the following address: Service Remboursement, Alliance française de La Haye, Emmapark 6, 2595ET Den Haag and (iii) received by the Alliance française de La Haye at the latest within the first fifteen days of the course for which postponement or reimbursement is requested.

For registration procedures for which payment is made online, the client has the right to cancel his registration within 14 days of the confirmation email from the Alliance française de La Haye. Cancellation by the client must be sent by registered mail to the following address: Refund Service, Alliance française de La Haye, Emmapark 6, 2595ET Den Haag. If the cancellation is made within 14 days of the confirmation e-mail from the Alliance française de La Haye, the Alliance française de La Haye will promptly refund the amount already paid to the client, less an administration fee of EUR 50.00 (fifty).


In case of force majeure (COVID, natural disaster, government measures…) Alliance Française de La Haye reserves the right to modify, postpone or cancel courses or session. This modification will not give right to a refund but to the course postponement or the whole session postponement to the following one.


Training fees are subject to the rates set out in all Alliance Française de La Haye communication materials (website, brochures, online shopping platform, etc.). The amounts indicated are flat-rate and includes:

  • The course fees
  • A fixed amount covering administration costs for a full year.
  • Study and activity books used during the course. Books are non-refundable.

The total amount due for the training (i.e. training fees and costs of course materials) must be paid before the start of the training, except for those who pay by invoice). Bank transfer fees are the responsibility of the client. Payment in instalments is possible under special conditions: in 2 instalments for adults and 2-3 instalments for children. In this case, the AFLH administration prepares the payment schedule for students.

The Alliance Française de La Haye reserves the right to refuse access to any person who has not completed all the formalities for registration as a student.


Any renewal of registration will only be valid if all the conditions set out in Article 3 above are met before the start of the course.


Any amount unpaid 3 weeks after registration will be increased by a one-off amount of EUR 50 (fifty).


The Alliance Française de La Haye reserves the right to cancel a course, even if it has been registered, if it considers that the course cannot take place in optimal conditions of safety, comfort, management and/or learning, and in the event of force majeure or exceptional circumstances, or if the number of registered participants falls below 5.

In the event of cancellation of a training course, each validly registered client/student will be personally informed by e-mail and will be offered the possibility of requesting registration for another training course, insofar as the Alliance Française de La Haye is able to do so, or of being reimbursed for his or her registration to the training course.

The client/student must notify his/her decision to participate in another training course or to be reimbursed within 3 months of receiving the email informing him/her of the cancellation of the training course. Beyond this deadline, all training fees are the definitive property of the Alliance Française de La Haye.

In the event that a training course has to be cancelled by the Alliance Française de La Haye once it has started, during the session and the client or student chooses to cancel his or her registration, this cancellation will only be effective for the future and the reimbursement of the registration fee and the processing fee.

The training fees will be calculated pro-rata to the lessons that have not been given – whether or not the student has followed the lessons that have been given.


At the request of the client and/or student, the Alliance Française de La Haye issues a certificate of registration and/or attendance.

The registration certificate is only issued after full payment of the registration and training fees.

Certificates of registration and/or attendance will no longer be issued after a period of 6 months after the end of the training course in question.


Progression to a higher level is subject to the successful completion of a mandatory end-of-level assessment, administered at the end of the Alliance Française de La Haye levels.

Information on the conditions for participating in this assessment will be posted on the premises of the Alliance Française de La Haye. In case of significant impossibility, replacements are possible under special conditions.

The level test of the Alliance Française de La Haye is valid for one year from the date of presentation of this test. Beyond this period, a new placement test will be necessary to evaluate the student’s level.


Only the Alliance Française de La Haye will be entitled to designate the teacher who will give the classes and to designate the premises where the classes will take place. There is no right to the teaching of a specific teacher, nor any right to benefit from a specific premise.

The Alliance Française de La Haye cannot guarantee the same teacher for an entire course or session.

As far as possible, in the event of the absence of a teacher, the Alliance Française de La Haye undertakes to guarantee continuity of service. If circumstances do not allow the replacement of the absent teacher, the courses will be postponed to a later date.

The Alliance Française de La Haye declines all responsibility in case of cancellation or change of schedule for classes resulting from the behaviour of a student or a third party.


During classes, we may take pictures of students (adults/children), which may be used for publicity purposes on our website and/or in our brochures. By signing this form, you agree to the publication of these photos. If you have any objections, please inform us in writing before the course begins.

In the case of private and group training, whether online or co-modal, the courses are recorded. By signing this form, you agree not only to the recording of the courses, but also to the accessibility of these recordings to the people registered for the courses. These recordings can be consulted on the Alliance online platform for as long as it is accessible. The terms of access to the Alliance Online platform are defined in article 14.


The copyright and ownership of the teaching material belongs to the author. The material may not be reproduced, stored in a digital database or made public, except for the personal use of the student currently enrolled in a training program.


The Alliance Française de La Haye declines all responsibility if the student’s learning objectives or the candidate’s certification objectives are not met. The Alliance Française de La Haye is only bound by any obligation of means in this respect. The student undertakes to follow the training with assiduity and application.


In case of ambiguity or contradiction between the different translations of these general terms and conditions, the general terms and conditions of use are as follows.

KVK: 41160501

VAT: NL806246492B01


By purchasing a Private Tuition package at the Alliance Française de La Haye, you are agreeing to abide by the policies, procedures and regulations of the Alliance Française de La Haye. This includes agreement with the following terms. You are also providing confirmation that the information given on enrolment is complete and correct.


Article 1 : Acceptance of the terms and conditions

As long as there are no derogations and / or there have been no changes by the present conditions, the general conditions of the Alliance Française de La Haye are displayed in the course of private lessons.

Article 2 : Registration

  1. Private tuition is organized on a case-by-case basis. Our Private Tuition Coordinator acts at a liaison between students and teachers to find a time suitable to all parties.
  2. Our Private Tuition Coordinator works part-time and treats new requests chronologically in the order in which they are received. New requests are managed via a waiting list.
  3. We endeavor to respond to requests in a timely manner in accordance with operational and logistical restraints. Students and/or Guardians/Parents are encouraged to apply for private tuition at least 2 weeks before they wish to begin their training.
  4. All students need to submit the online Private Tuition form before the Private Tuition Coordinator can proceed with the organization of their training.

Article 3 : Arranging your package

  1. All sessions must be of 1,5 hours’ minimum duration.
  2. Private Tuition can be organized at the following locations:
    • At the Alliance Française de La Haye at Emmapark 6, 2595ET The Hague;


    • At your preferred place (within The Hague or close surroundings within a 8km radius)
  1. Home sessions will incur an additional fee for travel expenses. These are calculated according to the distance of the location from the Alliance Française de La Haye head office at Emmapark 6, 2595ET The Hague.
  2. No Private Tuition can be organized outside of Alliance Française de La Haye opening hours, on public holidays or on other non-business days.
  3. Due to changing availabilities for rooms and other facilities, Alliance Française de La Haye is only able to confirm Private Tuition for a “foreseeable period”, i.e. up until a point where our timetable for Group Courses, or other events that affect our room allocations, changes.

Article 3 : Confirming your package

  1. All private tuition packages must be paid for in full (or instalment if previously agreed) at least 48 hours before your first confirmed lesson.
  2. If Alliance Française de La Haye does not hear from you within 3 business days of confirming the availability of a teacher by email, your teacher may be reallocated, or no longer available to take your class.
  3. When renewing a package, payment in full is required 48 hours before the first session in the new package.
  1. A pack of hours remains valid according to the duration adressed in the following table :
Number of hours subscribed Period of validity after the starting date of the course
Up-to 10 hours 10 weeks
Up-to 20 hours 15 weeks
Up-to 30 hours 25 weeks
Up-to 40 hours 30 weeks
Up-to à 50 hours 40 weeks
Up-to 60 hours 45 weeks
Up-to 70 hours 50 weeks
  1. Private tuition packages do not include textbooks or additional materials unless otherwise specified.
  2. A course can begin only when the establishment of the level, the calendar and the official acceptance of an offer have been made.

Modifying / Postponing / Differing your course

  1. Alliance Française de La Haye requires a 48 hours notice in advance of your organized Private Tuition for modifications or cancellations. Failure to notify Alliance Française de La Haye of any changes after this period will result in cancelled hours being forfeited from the package of Private Tuition.
  2.  Notifications of modifications or cancellations need to be made by EMAIL at secretariat02@aflahaye.nl and info@aflahaye.nl and PHONE via our Reception (0031 070 362 15 23)
  3. Cancellations on behalf of minors must be made by their parent/s or guardian/s.
  4. If a medical condition, accident or trauma prevent you from attending tuition, and you are not able to cancel within the above time frames, Alliance Française de La Haye can take this into consideration with the provision of supporting documentation.
  5. If you arrive after the scheduled start of your lesson, your tuition will not be extended and no refund or pro-rata adjustment will be granted.
  6. For semi-private tuition, no split of credit will be possible once the tuition has been confirmed and paid for. Alliance Française de La Haye cannot be held responsible for students’ changes in work commitments or personal circumstances when one student cannot attend Semi-Private Tuition.
  7. In the event of the learner being late for more than half of the scheduled duration of the course concerned, the teacher will have the right to leave without being required to inform the learner.
  8. When a committed student is no longer able to attend class for the remainder of a package, we might be able to organize a partial credit note. Credit notes may be provided strictly in the event of one of the following unforeseen circumstances
    1. Following an accident or trauma (supporting documentation required);
    2. Medical treatment that prevents the student’s completion of the package (supporting documentation required)
  1. Applications for credit notes must be addressed in writing by email to the Private Tuition Coordinator.
  2. Credit notes will be calculated as per the decreasing price schema for Private Tuition fees. That is, the amount of credit given will be calculated according to
    1. The number of hours originally purchased in the package;
    2. The price paid per hour for the original purchase; and
    3. The number of hours remaining to the student on the package.
  3.  Strict conditions apply
    1. Credit notes cannot be refunded for money;
    2. Credit notes are valid for a period of 12 months from the date that they are processed;
    3. Credit notes’ validity cannot be extended;
    4. Credit notes are not transferable;
  4. The following items are non-refundable : registration fee and textbooks material if already been collected from reception.
  5. It is up to the client / learner to ensure that the validity of the course indicated on the quote is respected. Otherwise, the hours ordered will be lost.
  6. Alliance Française de La Haye has the right to cancel and postpone a course in conditions that are suitable for the teacher and the learner when the course can not be held under optimal supervision conditions.
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