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Frequently Asked Questions
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If you are not a complete beginner, it is necessary to take a placement test. This test if free of charge. It will allow you to assess your level of French and guide you to the course that best suits your needs.

In both cases it is necessary to pass a new placement test.

Anytime. It is accessible online by clicking on this link.

It will assess your level of French and guide you to the course that best suits your needs.

If you are not a complete beginner, it is necessary to pass a positioning test. This test will assess your level of French and guide you to the course most suited to your needs.

In both cases it is necessary to pass a new positioning test.

A 24-hour general French course costs around € 299 (registration fees and books not included). For thematic courses and courses on specific objectives, please consult the relevant pages.

You can pay with:

  • Debit card (PIN) at the reception of the Alliance française de La Haye
  • Bank transfer
  • Cash at the reception of the Alliance française de La Haye
  • Online payment

Yes, we have courses for all levels, from A1 to C1.All our courses are based on an active approach of the language and are aligned with the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR).

We have 5 sessions a year. Each session lasts 8 weeks. We also have intensive courses during the first two weeks of July.

In general, classes take place once a week (3 hours class) or twice a week (2 classes).

Minimum 5 and maximum 12 students per class (maximum 8 for conversation classes).

The vast majority of our students are 25 to 40 years old.

Yes. Our audience is very international and therefore all our courses are given in French, even for beginner levels.

Depending on the course chosen, the method used is Défi or Edito. Teachers also use different types of documents (audio, video …). You can buy the necessary books for your course at the Alliance secretariat.

Classes are taught by a team of 12 experienced teachers. All are French-speakers and have a university degree in French as a foreign language.

No, if you are absent (sick or on vacation for example), it is not possible to catch up on your course in another class. Courses are available on Alli@nce en ligne.

No. Once the courses have started, and in case of an absence to one or more courses, no postponement or refund will be accepted for any reason whatsoever. However, the Alliance Française in The Hague will reimburse you if you send us a written request a week before the start of the course or if a course can not take place due to a lack of sufficient enrollment.

You can contact us by email: coursprives@aflahaye.nl or by telephone 070 362 15 23. We can answer all your questions regarding private lessons.

Yes, there are courses for French-speaking and non-French-speaking children taking place over the year and thematic workshops per session.

For more information, you can contact the educational coordinator by email enfant@aflahaye.nl or by telephone 070 362 15 23.

Yes, to be informed of all our events and meetings, you can subscribe to our newsletter.

All complaints must be written and sent to the director, Mr. Fabien Pois (info@aflahaye.nl), who will examine it carefully.

If you disagree with the solution to the resolution of your complaint, we will submit it to the committee of the Alliance française de La Haye.

The committee’s decision is final.

All complaints are treated confidentially and the AFLH will endeavor to respond to them within two weeks. If your complaint requires more time to be processed, you will be notified in writing as soon as possible. Each complaint and the solution to its settlement will be recorded and kept for one year.

Alli@nce en ligne

Please use your personal username and password to log into Alliance online.


Access your courses via: https://www.aflahaye.nl/en/my-courses/

Access your courses

Once connected on the “My courses” page you will see all the courses on which you are registered.


Main menu

When you are logged in to your course, the main menu is on the left (the content may vary depending on the course).

Mobile interface

Alliance Online is mobile compatible. Click on the icon at the bottom right of the screen to access the menu.


To connect to the virtual classroom you must be registered on an online course.

Click on your course in: https://www.aflahaye.nl/en/my-courses/

In the main menu, select the “Online class” tab and click on the “Virtual classroom” activity

Then, click on “Join the session”

At the end of your group course you can download a certificate.

  1. In your course;
  2. Click on “Attestation” or “Certificate”;
  3. Follow the instructions;

Several conditions are necessary to obtain the certificate.

  1. Get a grade on quizzes 1 & 2
  2. Get a grade for the teaching task
  3. Complete the satisfaction survey


Each certificate is protected by a verification code to verify its authenticity. Anyone can verify a certificate : https://certificat.aflahaye.nl

Check the instructions on this page.

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