Défi 1 – Book + CD audio

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Défi 1 – Book + CD audio


Défi is an original French method, motivating and very easy to use. Anchored in a practical perspective, it awakens the curiosity of learners by placing culture as a fundamental element of language learning. It is aimed for old teenager or adult for  A1 level CEFR.

This method proposes:

A reassuring and easily adaptable structure: 8 units per level, each divided into two thematic files.
Each folder contains: 1 double-page discovery, 2 double-pages with triggering documents accompanied by grammatical, lexical and cultural activities, as well as a final task (challenge).
An acquisition of linguistic tools naturally motivated by realistic and useful documents for the learner: cultural elements, multicultural, societal facts …
Various reading strategies to facilitate the understanding of the documents and develop the autonomy of each learner.
A primordial place given to interculturality: the learner reacts and interacts from his experience and his identity.
An inductive and progressive work of grammar will be achieved.
A lexical work very present throughout the method and reinforced by a dedicated page at the end of unity: clouds of words, mental maps, collocations …
Phonetic video capsules (here are two examples of Challenge 1: capsule 03 and capsule 04).