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Certified Training


Online interactive certifying training with a private teacher


Online interactive certifying training, Your course can be completed in 4, 8 or 12  weeks. Each level is constructed from a series of practical lessons on different topics, all within the framework of interactive self-assessment activities. Each week you practice your speaking during a private class.
At the end of each level, you have self-assessment quizzes, one speaking task and one written task.

You can choose your learning pace and complete a sublevel in 4, 8 or 12 weeks.
What does it mean in terms of independent working time and meeting time with the teacher?

PaceOnline homework (per week)Number of lessonsDuration of lessons with your teacher (per week)
Intensive4 weeks5h (minimum)490 minutes
Recommended8 weeks2h30 (minimum)845 minutes
Extensive12 weeks1h30 (minimum)1230 minutes

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Online Method




We use a 100% online method with hundreds of exercises, compatible iPad and Android tablet.


virtual classroom


Recorded sessions


We use the latest technologies to offer the best experience, every course is recorded, you can really interact with the content and your tutor.




A teacher who accompanies you


Recommended 8 weeks course, 2 home study chapters and 45 minutes online classes with your tutor each week.  minutes a week  online with your particular tutor a week.

Intensive 4 weeks course, 2 home study chapters and 90-minute online classes with your tutor each week.

Extensive 12 weeks course, 2 home study chapters and 30-minute online classes with your tutor each week.

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